SCCF Scholastics

Wecome to the SCCF's scholastic webpages. Here you will find a calendar of scholastic events, information about scholatic chess tournaments (aka TLAs), and resources for parents and young chess players.

Scholastic Calendar

Scholastic TLAs

Nov. 12, Saturday
41th Staser Tournament
Orange County. Flyer here

April 29, Sunday
2018 L.A. Spring Scholastic Championships
Glendale. Flyer here

Mar. 11, Saturday
Morrison Scholastic
Fullerton. Flyer here

May 6
SDCC Summer Scholastic
San Diego, CA.
Flyer here

Oct. 21, Sunday
OFF da ROOK 13
West Hills. Flyer here

August 18-19
4th Annual Greater California Scholastic Chess Championship
Glendale. Flyer here

July 8, Sunday
OFF da ROOK 12
West Hills. Flyer here

Scholastic Resources

Scholastic chess related links
A list of where to play chess (includes adults)
A Parent's Guide to Their Child's First Chess Tournament
A list of studies on the benefits of chess