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21st Annual U.S. Amateur Team West
Los Angeles, California, February 14-17 2004

Prize Winners

1st: Patrick Hummell and a Hat Trick of Pummelers, 6-0

2nd: Perfect By Nature, 4-1

3rd: Jack and His Three Pack of Trojans On Valentine's Day, 4-1

U2100: "I.M. Seriously, You Guys", 4-2

U2000: AAA-2, 4-2

U1800: Chess Is Forking Great, Everything Else We Don't Ivanchuk, 3-2

U1600: Thanks For Voting For Us For Best Team Name, 2-3

U1400: Coach Jay And His Warriors, 2-3

College: We Aren't The Trojan First Team, But At Least We Aren't Bruins!, 2-3

Junior: AAA-3, 2-4

Industrial: Alondra Park Shipin Mates, 3-3

Board Prizes
   1st: Alan Stein, 5-
   2nd: Ilia Serpik, 5-
   3rd: Takashi Iwamoto, 5-
   4th: Vanessa West, 5-1
   Alternate: Stephen Airapetian, 4-1

Best Team Name
   (Tie): Lost In Transposition
           Shirov Me, Shirov Me Not