Minutes of SCCF Board meeting, LAX Hilton, October 8, 2006

Meeting began at 3:35 pm. Present: Hanley, Hillery, Hough, Iwamoto, Jezierska, and Landaw. Absent: Aeria (excused), Mohamed (subsequently explained that he had an emergency and no phone number to call), Ensey, Nagaran, Ong, and Surlow.

Election results were certified: Mohamed 21, Nagaran 21, Jezierska 20, Ong 20, Aeeria 19, and Surlow 13.
Scattered write-ins.

The following officers were unanimously elected: President, Hanley; Vice President, Landaw; Secretary, Ensey; and Treasurer, Hillery.

The following committee chairs were appointed: Constitution/Bylaws, Nagaran; Finance, Nagaran; National Events, Hillery; Scholastic, Hanley; Title Events, Hough; and Women, Jezierska.

Larry D Evans expressed interest in serving on the Scholastic Committee. There was some discussion of bidding on national tournaments, but the US Open is not likely to return to the West for a few years, and the Game/60, which we ran for several years in the mid-90s, was unsuccessful on the last occasion in

Members discussed attendance. There was a consensus on a prospective policy of removing members who miss two meetings unexcused. [This may need to be revised in view of Bylaws provisions; Mike Nagaran, please advise
us on this.]

Hough briefly discussed USCF affairs and the dysfunctional presence of Sam Sloan on the Executive

Meeting adjourned at 4:05.

Randy Hough
Acting Secretary