January 16, 2005


Present:  9       President Ron Rezendes                                                      

                        Vice President John Hillery                                         

                        Secretary Chuck Ensey                             

                        Treasurer Randy Hough              

                        Board Member Jay Stallings       

                        Board Member John Surlow                             

                        Board Member Elliot Landaw     

                        Board Member Mike Nagaran

                        Board Member Dave Saponara            no email



Absent: 3          Board Member Rick Aeria         

                        Board Member Nshan Keshishian

                        Board Member Dennis Steele     


The meeting was called to order by President Ron Rezendes at 4 PM during at break in the action of the Western Class Championships at the LAX Hilton on Sunday, January 16, 2005. First order of business was to nominate positions for the newly elected board. The six members up for election were re-elected, as reported in the last meeting, but each newly constituted board must choose a new set of officers. With unanimous votes of 9-0, the following positions were filled: President, Ron Rezendes; Vice President John Hillery, Secretary, Chuck Ensey, Treasurer, Randy Hough. Randy is replacing Mike Nagaran who declined to serve another term as Treasurer. Mike assures us our finances are not as bad as the City of San Diego, which was a relief to hear. Next the chairmen positions were filled and a 9-0 motion was passed to keep all currently held positions the same. Also the vacant Club & League Chairman was filled by Jay Stallings, who graciously accepted a movement to draft him. 


 Minutes were examined and approved 9-0. John Hillery then gave the publications report, which had no surprises. Randy said he would email me an updated membership report soon. That report showed that the SCCF membership stands at 631, with 481 regular members, 107 junior members, 5 life members, 7 family memberships and 31 comped.  


Jay Stallings gave a scholastic report. He is excited about a scholastic webpage that will list the best players at each age level, what club they play at, and their rating. Jay introduced Michael Halley, who gave a presentation of the page.



In Tournament Developments, the Westwood Winter Open (1/30/05) and the Amateur Team West (2/19-2/21, 2005) are set to go and have flyers in the last Rank & File. Flyers are also available for the Western Pacific Open (3/25-3/27). Also coming up is the 2nd Annual Century West Open on March 13th.


In Title Events, the San Diego Chess Club offered to host the Southern California Senior Open on April 23- 24th. [Later changed to April 9th & 10th to avoid conflict with the LA Open, whose date had not yet been set]. Also the SDCC announced that the San Diego County Championships will be moved up from early June to the weekend of  May 14 – 15th


Jerry Hanken then gave a brief talk about the American Open, saying that rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated, that there will be a 41st American Open in 2005 over the traditional Thanksgiving Day weekend, and in fact he hoped to attend the 50th American Open someday. The site will continue to be in Los Angeles, and this year the US Championship will not conflict as it is scheduled for February 2006.  


The problem of raising funds for the State Championship was discussed again. Jay Stallings offered to try to organize a list of donors. We need to raise about $2,000. 


The next meeting was set for Sunday, April 3rd in Costa Mesa at 12 PM if it is okay with Mike Carr. [It was later approved by Mike].This meeting was adjourned at 4:55.



Minutes submitted by

Secretary Chuck Ensey