SCCF Scholastics

Wecome to the SCCF's scholastic webpage. Here you will find information about scholatic chess tournaments (a.k.a. TLAs), and resources for parents and young chess players.

Scholastic TLAs

January 26, 2020, Sunday
OFF da ROOK 18
West Hills. Flyer here

Jan. 8, 2023, Sunday
2023 Winter Chess-Fest
West Hills. Show/hide TLA...
Location: Shomrei Torah Synagogue, 7353 Valley Circle Blvd, West Hills, CA 91304
Format: All Sections: 5SS (Swiss System: everyone plays 5 games against players with approximately the same number of wins and losses after each round), G/30 SD or G25/5 sec delay (Clocks will be assigned to games missing a clock to limit the total game time for each player to 30 minutes)
Sections: K-5 Unrated, K-6 Under 500, K-8 Under 750, K-12 Under 1000, K-12 Open (5 sections)
Round Times: 10:00am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3:00pm
Award Ceremony: 4:00pm
Registration Fees:
$40 Pre-Thanksgiving Early Bird Before 11/24
$50 Standard Fee Before 1/5
$65 Late Fee Registration closes at 5pm on Saturday 1/7/2023 -
No onsite entries
Equipment: Chess sets provided. Players must bring clocks.
Ratings: Using December 2022 Rating Supplement
Trophies: Awarded to top 10 players. Additional category prizes in all sections.
Food: Food & Drinks will be available for purchase
New players: New players to the U. S. Chess Federation, or those whose memberships have expired, must log into, and create/renew your ID#.
You must have USCF ID# before signing up for this event.

Organizers: Jerry Yee 818-915-5572, Michael Yee 818-274-7199
Backroom TD: Nick Garcia 805-206-9215
QR code here

Feb. 10, Saturday
Morrison Scholastic
Fullerton. Flyer here

March 21, 2020, Saturday Postponed
March Queens
Temecula. Show/hide TLA...
Site: Temecula Chess Club, Temecula Chess Club, 27403 Ynez Rd, Unit 213, Temecula, CA 92591
Format: Four rounds of G/15 in swiss format. USCF rated tournament for girls age 12 and under.
Rounds: Round one starts at 3 p.m.
Prizes: $30 and trophy for 1st, $20 and medal for 2nd, $10 and medal for 3rd.
USCF: USCF membership required, which can be purchased on site before the tournament.
Entry fee: $10.
Info: TCC Administrator: Call 951-327-1000 or email us.
Website: here

March 10, Sunday
SDCC March Scholastic Tournament
San Diego. TLA here

March 16-17
Super States
Valencia. TLA here

March 25-26
2023 Southern California Superstates

Valencia/Santa Clarita
Show/hide TLA...

March 25th, Saturday
SoCal SuperStates Young Rookies
Young Rookies (K-2nd Grade Under 200) Section at the 2023 SoCal SuperStates at the Hyatt in Valencia. Details and registration here.

March 25-26th, Saturday & Sunday
2023 SoCal SuperStates
2023 SoCal SuperStates Jr. Varsity K-3 Under 500, K-6 Under 700, K-8 Under 1200, and K-12 Under 1600, plus K-1 Championship Sections. Details and registration here.
2023 SoCal SuperStates K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12 Championship Sections. Details and registration here.

April 26, Sunday
2020 L.A. Spring Scholastic Championships Canceled
Glendale. Flyer here

May 21, Sunday
L.A. Spring Chess Championship
Glendale. Flyer here

June 14, Sunday
OFF da ROOK 19 Canceled
West Hills. Flyer here

July 9, Sunday
Summer Scholastic Chess Championship
Glendale. Flyer here

July 24-28
2023 Summer Chess Camp
West Hills. Flyer here

August 6, Sunday
Spring Chess-Fest
West Hills. Flyer here

July 6, Saturday
PSW Scholastic
Irvine. Show/hide TLA...
Format: 5-SS, G/30,d5
Site: Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport, Irvine CA 92612.
3 sections: Over 1000, U1000 and U1600.
EF: $25 entry fee if signed up online before 7/6; $50 entry for same day walk ups.
Rounds: Starting at 10 AM, 11:15, 1:15 PM, 2:30 and 3:45.
Byes: None

August 8-9
6th Annual Greater California Scholastic Chess Championship
Los Angeles. Flyer here

Aug. 10-11
5th Greater California Scholastic Champoinship
Glendale. Flyer here

Aug. 9 & 10
August Summer Scholastic
Glendale. Flyer here

Aug. 26
August Summer Scholastic
Glendale. Flyer here

Sept. 17, Sunday
L.A. Back to School Chess Championship
Glendale. Flyer here

Oct. 15, Sunday
Fall Chess-Fest
West Hills. Flyer here

Oct. 6, Sunday
SDCC Fall Scholastic
San Diego. Flyer here

Oct. 27, Sunday
OFF da ROOK 17
West Hills. Flyer here

Oct. 29, Sunday
Fall Classic Scholastic
Glendale. Flyer here

Feb. 4, Sunday
Winter Scholastic
Glendale. Flyer here

Nov. 18, Sunday
43th Staser Tournament
Orange County. Flyer here

Nov. 24-26
58th American Open Scholastic tournaments
Garden Grove.
Novice tournament (Friday) - nonrated
Junior Varsity (Saturday or Sunday) - rated tournament
Varsity (Saturday and Sunday) - 2-day rated tournament
Tournament site/registration here

December 23-January 3, Two Weeks
2019 ACA Winter Chess Camp
Thousand Oaks. Flyer here

Feb. 25, Sunday
L.A. Super City Chess Championships
Glendale. Flyer here

Apr. 21, Sunday
L.A. Spring Youth Chess Championship
Glendale. Flyer here

May 5, Sunday
Spring Chess-Fest
West Hills. Flyer here

May 25, Saturday
MDC Scholastics
Van Nuys. Show/hide TLA...

Format: 5-SS, G/30, d/2.
Site: Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406. Open to gr. 8-below.
In two sections:
Open (K-8): Trophies to top 4, top 2 U1000, top Unrated.
Grade 4/below: Trophies to top 4, top 2 U800, top Unrated.
Reg.: 8:30-9 am. Rds: 9:30-10:45-12:30-1:45-3
EF: $35 if received by 5/20, $40 after 5/20
All: SCCF membership required for SoCal residents (Under 18: $15)
On-line entry: N/A yet

Scholastic Resources

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