FM John Daniel Bryant

USCF 2552
FIDE 2445

John Daniel Bryant is making his second appearance in the Southern California Championship. His debut came as a 15-year old in 2007, when he was known as a talented youngster who happened to be the stepson of Enrico Sevillano. Now he is on the verge of becoming a grandmaster, with two GM norms.

John is a very aggressive player with spectacular results when he is in top form. In the past year, he has won the Southern California Open, tied for first place in the 2012 US Open in Portland, finished second (while beating GMs Dmitry Gurevich, Jon Ludvig Hammer, Mikheil Kekelidze and Alexander Shabalov) in the North American Open in Las Vegas, and competed in the 2013 US Championship (beating GMs Ray Robson and Gregory Kaidanov) in St. Louis.